Khalid promises radical changes as S’gor MB

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Soon Li Tsin | Mar 9, 08 8:21pm

The establishment for state coalition government in Selangor will be a litmus test on whether the opposition will be able to show critics that they can indeed work together.

At a press conference today, PKR secretary-general Khalid Ibrahim said the opposition parties share a similar vision when it comes to developing the state.

“I think in terms of people’s development, all three parties are of the same mindset [..] of course we have different political agenda but Selangor as a testing ground for a coalition parties.

“But on the whole we can work together it is a question of leadership to work together,” he told reporters.

Khalid has been chosen to lead the coalition for the establishment of a new state government for Selangor.

The opposition won 36 out of 56 seats with PKR grabbing 15 seats followed by DAP (13 seats) and PAS (8)

According to him, the opposition party leaders will seek an audience with state Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah tomorrow at 2pm.

“We will also meet with the Selangor state secretary to ensure the transfer of governance of Selangor is executed in a smooth and orderly manner,” he said.

Asked if Khalid will indeed be the next state chief minister with two deputies from DAP and PAS, he said this is all unconfirmed until he meets the sultan.

“The outcome depends on the sultan’s acceptance in allowing such a coalition to run the state (but if successful) the sultan will be consulted on the list of names to form the state executive councilors,” he said.

A new transparent government

The former CEO when probed as to what would be the first measure the new state government will take, he said “we would make the governance in Selangor more transparent”.

“I want to discuss with the state legal advisors whether we can pass a legislation that allows document to be exempted from the OSA (Official Secrets Act) for business conducted.

“From that I would ask to make laws to discuss in the state the freedom of information act,” he said.

He also hoped that relations between the state and federal government would be less discriminatory when it comes to fund allocation.

“With a number of states are in the hands of non-government parties, I think the government now should be more people oriented in the allocation of resources rather than base on political allocation.

“The taxpayers should not be discriminated on the basis of political allocation,” he said to applause from the newly elected state assembly persons from the three parties.

He added that the state government plans to hold press conferences every fortnight to keep the public informed on the projects and policies being implemented.

Nurul staying put in Lembah Pantai

In another press conference, the new Lembah Pantai parliamentarian Nurul Izzah Anwar thanked the voters and her supporters.

She said she will be arranging a few kenduri (dinners) for her constituents and get to work straightway especially over the housing problems faced by the lower income group.

Asked if she will be giving her seat up for her father – de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim – she indicated that it might not happen.

“I have already begun working for the people in Lembah Pantai so that question does not arise,” she said.

Considered a ‘giant killer’, Nurul Izzah defeated deputy Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil as the country’s 12th general elections ended last night.



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